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Lindsey Taylor, School Counselor

M.S., LPC-Intern (supervised by Mary Lou Clark)

If you need any help or have any concerns regarding your students, please feel free to contact me.
You may also find more information on my other website.

Guidance and Counseling Mission

The Conroe Independent School District is dedicated to the belief that guidance and counseling will function as an integral part of the total school program, contribute directly to the school mission and involve every member of the school staff. Developmental in content and process, the guidance and counseling program supports the efforts of teachers and parents in promoting students’ self-esteem, academic readiness, social and interpersonal sensitivity, and awareness of future academic and career opportunities. These are needed for developing economic productivity, responsible citizenship, effective living and enjoyment of life. Developmental guidance and counseling in CISD is proactive, preventative and characterized by outreach and availability to all students with emphasis on the acquisition of skills.

CISD believes that all students are unique human beings who may need assistance with personal social educational, and career development. The primary role of the professional counselor is to work directly with parents, students, and staff to facilitate learning and growth and to help provide a safe and encouraging school environment.


Remember…at Patterson Elementary we show Puma P.R.I.D.E.!

We are Prepared, Respectful, show Integrity, Disciplined, and Engaged!

Each month your student has an opportunity to participate in our Puma PRIDE Lunch.  These will be held toward the end of the month during your student’s normal lunch time.  We ask that the student still bring or purchase their lunch.


As the counselor at Patterson Elementary, my role is to assist our students, parents, and teachers to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our students to learn in. I am here to provide guidance lessons in the classroom to help students with decision making and how to be upstanding citizens. Every month we will discuss a different character trait and tie them into our Puma PRIDE expectations. I also provide small group and individual meeting sessions based on student needs.

We will focus on the following words throughout the entire school year: respect, caring, empathy, trustworthiness, responsibility, perseverance, tolerance and fairness:

Guidance Lessons:
Understanding Feelings (September)
Conflict Resolution (October)
Perseverance (November)
Confidence (December)
Collaboration/Friendships (January)
Motivation (February)
Stress (feeling) Management (March)
Self-Control (April)
Safety (May)



We are the proud participants of the Watch DOG Program at Patterson Elementary.  We are looking for dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, etc. to volunteer to help our students and keep our school safe.  If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs. Taylor or follow the links to sign up.

Volunteer Sign Up (need to do first):

Watch DOG Sign Up:



FUN Websites

Here are some fun websites that the students can use to help them do anything from getting the wiggles out, to calming down, to just having fun!